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Shopify Training Hours

Shopify Training Hours

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Unlock the Power of Shopify with 1:1 Training Tailored to Your Business

Hey there, fellow small business owner! Are you ready to take your online store to the next level? Welcome to my 1:1 Shopify training sessions, where I'm dedicated to helping you master the art of eCommerce. Let's dive into the invaluable skills you can expect to acquire:

Creating Products and Collections: Crafting a compelling online inventory is the heart of your business. I'll guide you through creating products that showcase your offerings and collections that organize them seamlessly.

Setting up Tags to Connect Collections to Products: Tags are the secret sauce for easy navigation. We'll ensure your products are tagged strategically, connecting them to relevant collections for a seamless shopping experience.

Scheduling Products and Product Availability: Timing is everything in eCommerce. Learn how to schedule product launches and control availability, creating buzz and scarcity for increased sales.

Creating Discounts: Everybody loves a good deal! Discover how to set up discounts, special promotions, and loyalty programs to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more.

Making Bulk Edits: Save time and effort by mastering bulk edits. I'll show you the ropes, so you can efficiently update multiple products or collections in one go.

Editing and Maintaining Your Website: Your website is your storefront, and I'll teach you how to keep it fresh and engaging. Learn the basics of website editing to reflect your evolving brand and offerings.

Editing Your Automations: Automation is a game-changer for efficiency. We'll delve into automating routine tasks, streamlining customer interactions, and optimizing your workflow.

Using the Shopify POS System: If you have a physical store or plan to expand, the Shopify POS system is your ally. Discover how to seamlessly integrate your online and offline operations for a unified customer experience.


Trainings will be held virtually, and can target specific questions that you have regarding the Shopify Platform. 

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